App Developers Australia – Android and iPhone Developers

Mobile app consumption is increasing worldwide at a rapid rate. Smartphone app market was originally dominated by Apple’s iOS. However Google’s Android platform has brought a significant competition in mobile apps in the recent years.

More than 10 billion iOS app are downloaded so far. It is estimated by Google that nearly 3 billion app downloads are done while more then 350,000 Android device activations are reported daily.

Businesses are starting to realize mobile apps and software are the future of ecommerce and advertising. The ease of use and overall convenience has played a major part of mobile apps’ success. These apps enable consumers to consume and pay directly within apps, thus eliminating the wait time in long checkouts. Also apps are a great way for the users to share and discover new information.

Even though some apps look simple, they can take few months to be developed. Even the basic apps can take a few thousand dollars to be developed excluding the license fees payable to Apple. After your app is completed, make sure to test it thoroughly to ensure there aren’t any bugs or glitches. Finally when you’re satisfied with the design, functionality and the performance of the app, you can submit it to the app store.

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