How to Develop an iPhone App in Australia

If you’re looking forward to get an iPhone App Developed and wondering how to get it done, here are few rough guidelines.

Most people realize it’s easy to build an iPhone app. What most people don’t realize is the amount of work it takes to build an iPhone app. During the app development process, we break it down to five main parts.

1. Requirements Analysis
2. Generating Mockup Designs
3. Design and Development Work
4. Testing
5. App Store Submission

During the requirements analysis we’ll work with you to ensure that we understand your business needs. Then we’ll generate the wireframes and mockup designs to meet the requirements we’ve discussed earlier. It is essential that we spend a good amount of time understanding your exact needs so that the final solution exactly matches your needs.

The mockup designs are followed by the design and development work. Depending on the complexity of the app, it can take from a couple of weeks (for simple apps) to few months. After that we’ll work on the testing phase to ensure the app is free from any bugs or crashes. Finally it can be submitted to the Apple App Store.

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