The Benefits of Having An App For Your Business

An app for a business is meant to:

1. Solve a problem

2. Offer customers something unique or

3. Offer a better value than a web portal.


So, how does having an app help a business? Listed below are the different ways a business benefits by developing an app.


Staying Competitive By Embracing Mobile Future

• Individuals from occupations such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, IT professionals, miners, consultants, bankers etc use smart phones.

• A smart phone is a ubiquitous device that is becoming more powerful with every passing day.

• Core capability of this phone depends on how applications utilise the phone’s hardware.

• Apps perform a range of tasks previously limited to computers and laptops.

• Brands use apps to promote their products and make it easy to access such products.

• In the future, apps will perform other important tasks such as projecting media, identifying environment via augmented reality and checking blood alcohol level among other

• By acquiring an app, a business becomes prepared for the future. A business with an application stands a chance to benefit immensely from future technologies.


Strengthening Brand Image

• To succeed in today’s technology-obsessed world where most people are constantly on social media, a strong brand image is critical.

• With a brand image, clients become aware about your services. It also increases customer loyalty.

• A brand that does not have a mobile app appears outdated and isolated from modern day trends.

• A lack of mobile app leaves a not so-good impression about a brand on potential customers. This indirectly affects a brand’s present business performance and future prospects


Facilitate Promotion of Ads

• With an app, it is possible to send information to customers based on their past activities and choices.

• E-commerce apps make it possible to propagate custom advertisements that help increase the sales. This is possible because user details are stored in the apps.


Showcase Services & Products

• An application provides one-stop access to a business.

• It can be a platform from where a business can showcase its services and products.

• An application can display discounts and offers. This will encourage more people to visit an enterprise and spread the word.


Improve Brand Visibility and Expand Customer Base

• Customers can easily find an app among the 800,000 apps in app store compared to finding a site among the more than a billion sites published online.

• App stores, which are app distribution platforms, make it possible place businesses in front of millions of potential customers. This is possible because of their inherent cross-selling and promotional features.

• With an application, a business reaches target market made up of customers who likely to purchase its products.

• Integration of apps with social networks also boosts the reach and scope of a business.

• Customer interaction via apps is likely to become a standard practice in the world of business. This will further reinforce the importance of an app for a business.


Provide Convenience Through On-the-go Services

• An application is an extension of products that a business develops.

• It can serve as mobile front. One can purchase products from a web store through an app.

• With an app, customers can do everything from searching for suitable products to actually purchasing them.

• Anywhere, anytime availability of apps will help an enterprise to deliver products in a timely and effective manner. In addition, they are easily accessible and offer seamless user experience.

• After mobile app development, an application will not automatically appear in an app store. Verification of whether or not an app meets minimum speed requirement takes place before publishing. Therefore, when planning for app development cost, it is necessary to put aside a good sum that will facilitate development of thorough product. A published app is software that has met minimum speed thresholds thus it is faster than a website.

• Because apps are fast, they facilitate more action that leads to higher engagement levels.


Conceiving New Revenue & Sales Channels at Low Cost

• It can cost a lot to develop an app. However, one can cut down on app development cost significantly by eliminating needless features.

• You can lay the ground work by creating the content, designs, and logo for the application yourself, and you can then outsource the actual app development work to an app company or a group of developers.

• Monetizing apps is one of the ways of opening new revenue channels. Monetization of an app can be done by including in-app advertisements and paid features within the application, or by making the app a paid app.

• An app opens new sales channels if a consumer is able to make payments from the dashboard of an app.


Increase Customer Engagement

• The first thing that 83% of smart phone users do early in the morning is to look at their smart phones and access varied apps.

• Mobile apps have an engagement level than is higher than that of normal websites.

• An application facilitates real-time engagement with customers.

• This makes it possible for companies to build deeper relations with customers.


Provide Customer Support & Service

• An application can serve as an excellent customer support and service vehicle.

• Apps provide users with enhanced experience. This is because they allow users to post queries and feedback anywhere, anytime. This makes it easy to get in touch with a company.

• An app can have also query-solving tools and information on board, providing customers instant solutions to everyday problems.


Increase Website Traffic

• If you have an application neatly connected to your website and the app has over a thousand downloads, it can facilitate an increase in website traffic.

• Even if there is no linkage between app and website but the app is very popular, people are likely to discover your website in the process of finding out more about an app by carrying out online searches.

• For example, Instagram is known for its amazing photo-editing mobile app. However, people usually search for it using Google and subsequently visit Instagram website when using laptop or desktop computer.


In-depth Customer Insights

• Stats like sessions and screen views help a business to learn about app usage. This data provides important information about content that most consumers are reading.

• Mobile app analytics provide analytics data gathered from built-in smart phone features such as motion sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS. This makes it possible to track new types of user interactions not provided by web analytics.

• Mobile device is a personal device while a computer maybe used by several users. It is easy to understand behavior of a specific mobile phone user than many users of a computer.

• Analytics data of a mobile app is stored in User IDs. With user authentication, identification of a user across multiple apps and devices is possible. Moreover, the data is carried over to all versions of an application. This compatibility and consistency of the data makes it even more useful.

• An app provides comprehensive data about offline interactions of users with an application.


Deeper Social Engagement Through Increased Proximity to Customers

• Compared to desktops and laptops, mobile phones and applications are much more intimate and personal.

• Most mobile phone users are within a 1-meter radius from their phones at any moment in a day. Therefore, a major part of a person’s daily routine goes towards using mobile apps.

• Social media is rampant in the world of mobile devices. Therefore, an app offers an ideal platform for involving social circles.

• Thus, an enterprise can drive higher social media engagement using apps


Achievement of Top-of-Mind Status

• With mobile push notifications, a business can inform app users about the latest developments.

• This keeps customers informed about the latest deals and offers, which propels them to take a lead and make purchases through the app.

• With push notifications, your brand remains at the top-of-mind of customers, all the time.


Location-based App Services and Notifications- for Targeted Marketing and Promotion

• Most applications have location- based services; this allows users to take advantage of locally available facilities.

• Accounting for customer details such as location makes app users and company officials to communicate more intuitively.

• Location-based coupons can be also used to monetize apps.


Instant Communication

• Applications have access to mobile features. Therefore, they provide users with one button access for making phone calls to a business.


Powerful and Interactive

• Newer technologies are making apps to become extremely powerful and very interactive.

• Apps not only support location tracking, they also have improved object affiliation capabilities that can identify the immediate vicinity of a user and detect specific objects in the environment.

• These features provide on-hand intelligence and make it possible for users to connect with their environment.

• Such an app for a business serves can different purposes including reducing paperwork and automating processes.

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